Working Fire at Colorful Gardens
By Captain Joseph A. Szot
April 24, 2019

On April 24th, 2019 at 0949 hours, the Jamesport Fire Department was toned out for a report of a structure fire at 1636 Main Road. While the crew of Engine 6-1-1 was preparing to respond, they saw there was a large cloud of thick black smoke that filled the air. Within six minutes of original notification, the crew of 6-1-1 arrived on scene to find a large shed and greenhouse fully engulfed with flames. The crew of 6-1-1 stretched a 2.5 hose line to the fire while under the command of 6-1-53, Captain Joseph A. Szot. Captain Szot quickly asked Suffolk County Fire Com Dispatch to re-alert the Jamesport Fire Department for a working fire and have the Riverhead Fire Department respond to standby at Jamesport’s Headquarters, have Mattituck Fire Department respond to the scene with one engine crew, and Riverhead Volunteer Ambulance Corps respond and standby at the scene with two ambulances. The fire was quickly knocked down with no injuries reported. Chief of Department, Gary Faucon later arrived on scene with Engine 6-1-2. The members of Engine 6-1-2 and Mattituck Fire Department assisted with extinguishment and overhaul during fire operations. In a total of just over two hours, the Jamesport Fire Department concluded all operations and turned over the scene to the Riverhead Town Fire Marshal’s office for further investigations. The Jamesport Fire Department responded with two engine crews, one chief, and 2 fire police units to maintain traffic control during fire operations, with a total of about 30 firefighters. No injuries were reported.

Units: 6-1-1, 6-1-2, 6-1-13, 6-1-19, & 6-1-30
Mutual Aid: Mattituck Fire Department, Riverhead Fire Department, Riverhead Volunteer Ambulance Corps, Riverhead Police Department, & Riverhead Town Fire Marshal's.
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