JFD Members Train on Mask Confidence
By Public Information Office
October 5, 2023

On Thursday, the 5th of October, the Jamesport Fire Department's dedicated firefighters undertook an intensive training exercise, specifically a firefighter mask confidence maze. This required them to navigate through a labyrinthine 20 inch diameter tube stretching five feet, surmount various obstacles, traverse a simulated hazardous environment of 480 feet of downed wires within a 4 by 8 area, breach a simulated wall, identify a hazard in the form of a spongy floor, display proficiency in the use of Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) in both reduced and low profiles, endure a simulated wall collapse weighing 150 pounds, and finally, accurately deliver a "LUNAR" (Location, Unit, Name, Assignment, Resources) report following a controlled fall through a four-foot high floor. All these activities were executed while utilizing SCBA and operating under conditions of zero visibility.

This rigorous training is designed to mimic the unpredictable and challenging circumstances that firefighters may encounter on the scene of a fire. Fires are inherently unpredictable and can present a diverse range of unknown situations and hazards. The primary objective of this training is to simulate such conditions to enhance both the physical prowess and psychological resilience of our firefighters. Moreover, it is intended to boost their confidence and ability to efficiently navigate through challenging and unfamiliar scenarios.

We extend our gratitude to John "Chip" Bancroft and his team from Firehouse Training Plus for their exceptional stewardship of the training exercise. The drill was a resounding success and we commend the exemplary performance of all our firefighters who participated.